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Why Us?

Unlike with many other equipment resellers, when you purchase equipment from Bollywood film Equipment, your gear comes with a 7 day money back guaranty and a 6 month parts and labor warranty—the longest in the industry. We are able to offer these due to our well-trained & experienced staff of technicians, the facilities available to them as well as a large inventory of equipment and parts. At Bollywood film Equipment we fully service and calibrate the gear that we sell, and it's our staff of technicians that make it possible to stand behind the gear that we sell. Not only can our technicians service the gear we sell they can upgrade and modify it. add a video tap to your SR super 16mm Camera All that and more is possible at Bollywood film Equipment and not just for your camera gear. We can also repair and modify support gear such as geared-heads, fluid heads and dollies. Not only do we service the gear we sell, at Bollywood film Equipment we offer service for all your camera gear-- no matter where you bought it.


At Bollywood film Equipment we deal with customers from around the world who many times are making purchases of considerable expense. Many customers request the ability to come to Bollywood film Equipment and see the gear they are interested in purchasing. An international airport within 25 minutes of Wellington makes this possible. Our facilities were designed to provide our customers with a comfortable, friendly, relaxed environment where they can see the gear and perform some tests.

The Right Tools for the Job:

Sure, Bollywood film Equipment has experienced, knowledgeable technicians, but it's not enough to know what job needs to be done; a technician needs the tools that make it possible to do the job. Camera and lens equipment require an incredibly high level of precision to service and repair. Not only does Bollywood film Equipment have the technicians who can determine what job needs to be done, it has supplied them with the tools to do the job right. The machine shop at Bollywood film Equipment houses multiple lathes and milling machines capable of achieving the high tolerances necessary for motion picture equipment. The level of precision that our technicians must maintain when servicing camera and lens equipment rivals that of the aerospace industry, and we realize that when our customers are on set using the equipment, the performance of the equipment is as important to them as a properly functioning jet plane is to a pilot. The facilities at Bollywood film Equipment ducts enable our technicians to merge knowledge with ability in order to provide our customers with top functioning gear-- whether it is the gear the customer is purchasing, gear they purchased from Bollywood film Equipment in the past, or gear they have sent to us for repair.

7 Day Money Back Guaranty:

Film is a mysterious medium, that's part of it's allure. Sometimes testing is needed to see if a piece of equipment meets your needs. Unlike some other avenues available for purchasing used gear, when you buy from Bollywood film Equipment, you will get the opportunity to do that testing. Bollywood film Equipment offers a seven day money back guaranty on the gear we sell. If the equipment does not perform as designed, simply return it within seven days for a refund.

Warranty - 6 Month Parts & Labor Warranty:

Others will simply sell it to you. Bollywood film Equipment will stand behind it. At Bollywood film Equipment we appreciate that many of our customers are spending considerable sums of money on gear that not only has to perform right but perform right every time. That's why we offer our customers piece of mind with our exclusive 6 month parts and labor warranty. If you experience a problem with a piece of gear purchased from Bollywood film Equipment within six months of purchase simply send it back to us, and we will fix it free of charge.