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Ronin Thumb Controller Joystick

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  • WIRELESS THUMB CONTROLLER :- Simple to set up and use, the DJI Ronin Wireless Thumb Controller makes controlling your Ronin or Ronin-M easier and more intuitive, even with only a single operator. Capture shots that are difficult or impossible now, and start using your gimbal to its full potential.

  • COMPLETE CONTROL BY THUMB :- A custom-made pressure sensitive stick allows you to quickly change the settings, speed, and direction of your gimbal, all at the flick of your thumb.Control where your camera is facing and access advanced settings including calibration, channel settings, and preset profiles. Making changes is even faster than when using the Ronin remote controller or mobile app, and can be done during any of your shots.

  • RONIN AND RONIN-M COMPATIBLE :- The wireless thumb controller is perfectly compatible and ready to be used with both the DJI Ronin and Ronin-M. However an additional external receiver is required for use with the Ronin, while the Ronin-M’s built-in receiver allows use without any additional parts.

  • FAST SETUP AND MOUNTING :- Simply link the Thumb Controller to your gimbal, and you are ready to go. The Thumb Controller clamps easily to the handle bars or can be placed anywhere you like, no tools required.

  • DUAL CONTROLLER COMPATIBILITY :- Use the Thumb Controller in tandem with the Ronin or Ronin-M’s included remote controller. You can set the prioritycontrol source by easily designating the primary device.​​


Type     RONIN TC
Supported Devices RONIN-M
Operating Frequency

2.415 GHz ~ 2.454 GHz

Working Current

<100 mA @ 3.3 V

Communication Distance

200 ft. (60 m)

Battery Life 18h
Standby Life        20h
Operating Temperature

-20 °C ~ 55 °C

Battery Type       Lipo
Battery Voltage                 3.7 V
Battery Capacity 1150 mAh
Charge Time       2hrs
Weight 50 g
Size 2.7×1.4×0.9 in. (68×36×23 mm)
Mounting Bracket Diameter

1.0 in. or 1.2 in. (25 mm or 30 mm)


White OLED, 0.96 inch, Dots: 128×64