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  • I footage Panoramic Rotation Unit

I footage Panoramic Rotation Unit

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See the world in a 360° view:

The R60 panoramic head is the perfect accessory for shooting 360° panoramas

and time lapses. The same aluminium used to build aircrafts provides quality

even in the toughest situations, with the ability to hold an incredible 40kg of equipment.

Fine scale and accurate positioning:

The PTZ benefits from a high quality anti-skid pad firmly attached to the equipment to 

avoid the common nuisance where the pad falls off easily. This also ensures that the

camera is tightly secured. Metal friction during use is minimised by the innovative

engineering of the inner structure of the head.

Strong bearings:

It comes with original bearing structure design which ensures a smooth 360°

rotation under high load. The unit also has a damping knob which is used

to adjust its size.

specification of R60 II Panoramic Rotation Unit:

Base diameter  60mm
Height  33mm
Material Aircraft grade aluminium
Mounting screws UNC 1/4-20
Bottom mounting UNC 3/8-16
Weight  280g
Max load 40kh