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  • BFE-Zoom and e-Focus Controller
  • BFE-Zoom and e-Focus Controller
  • BFE-Zoom and e-Focus Controller
  • BFE-Zoom and e-Focus Controller
  • BFE-Zoom and e-Focus Controller

BFE-Zoom and e-Focus Controller

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The BFE Remote Zoom & Focus Control clamps to any tripod handle, jib, or support bar.

The E-Focus Pro control provides precise control of zoom & focus with a remote focus &

zoom dial. With its heavy-duty aluminum housing the E-Focus Pro is designed for operator

comfort and long-term use under real world conditions. It is for DSLR/DV/HDV video cameras

contains everything needed for lens operation from the rear of the camera. The system

consists of the Zoom and Focus Controls. Specially designed taking care of your comfort,

our E-Focus gives acute and crystal clear impressions controlled with a remote! Whether

creating great focus effects or tracking movements fluidly, this pro piece of gear produces

jaw dropping results. Lightweight and outstanding quality of our E-Focus with zero friction

and no backlash helps in earning accurate and polished effects.

~Built to last, our E-focus comes well packed in a customized sturdy case providing years of service.

~Pin connector on E-Focus control.

~E-focus DSLR arm made of Solid metal.

~10 years in the business.

~100% guarantee.


BFE E-Focus DSLR Pro Zoom Follow Focus.

2 x Motor drive gear with 15mm rail mount.

2 x gear belt.

Remote Control.

Battery, Battery Adapter, Charger & Universal Adapter.


Power switch on/off on e-Focus control The 13" rubber 0.8 gear belt slips

over the lens zoom and focus ring and attaches to the drive gear on zoom

and focus brackets.

The zoom and focus brackets has 15mm rod adapter to mount on your 15mm rod support.

The built-in gearbox block on zoom and focus brackets enables smooth working of gear.

E-Focus Control provides smooth manual focus control of lenses.

With Universal adapter fit the plugs inn and almost every country in the world.


Motor Drive gear diameter 72mm
Length of gear belt  13"
Lithium Battery 7.5 volt
E-focus mounting adapter   15mm
E-focus DSLR arm made of Solid metal.
 Total Weight with bag 1.5 kg/3.30lbs.
  Motor of Drive gear  


Foam lined, custom fit, protective storage case.

Exclusive of Camera, Tripod Stand, Rod Support!!