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  • BFE CF MonoPod with Head
  • BFE CF MonoPod with Head
  • BFE CF MonoPod with Head
  • BFE CF MonoPod with Head
  • BFE CF MonoPod with Head
  • BFE CF MonoPod with Head
  • BFE CF MonoPod with Head
  • BFE CF MonoPod with Head

BFE CF MonoPod with Head

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Talk about silky panning & tilting moves, tool less telescopic sled, universal camera plate, With our BFE Carbon Fiber MonoPod covers it all, When combined with fluid head, delivers magical results by capturing limitless angles that adds new perspective to your shots.

Smooth, flawless, perfect shot now possible without bulky set-ups.

A comprehensive package for practical shooting needs .

Perfect, super adaptable photo accessory for photographers’ on-the-go.

Foam grip adds comfort and wrist strap aids in transport.

360 degree rotatable bottom for unrestricting panning and booming.

Mini retractable feet at base offer additional stability.

Heavy duty fluid head for smooth and fluid movement.

Hi build lightweight construction ensures complete portability and durability.


BFE Carbon Fiber MonoPod with Fluid Head.


It's ultra light weight.

very compact size with the fastest set up(seconds)

Complete control with comfort while shooting.

More stability during movement for dynamic camera shots.

Improve a floating moving image appearance.

It is collapsible, can be stored easily and assembled quickly.

Easier Tilt up and down operation

Carrying Capacity up to 8 lbs.

Easy to use affordable stabilizer support.

360-degree Panning for accurate panoramas shoot.

Two locking knobs, simply design and operate easily.

Built-in bubble leveler.


Accepts cameras up to 3kg/6.6lbs
Carbon Fiber  telescopic pole
Camera Base plate  1/4"mounting holes
Soft foam  grip for easy hold
Fluid Head Camera mounting screw  U1/4
Fluid Head Height 105mm
Fluid Head Weight 620 grams
Fluid Head Load capacity  3kgs


Fluid head has three axes of movement, as opposed to a normal video head's pan/tilt exclusivity; this is so that you can make vertical orientation pictures with your still camera. It is the only video head in the market to have a third axis of movement, permitting vertical orientation images with still cameras .Itis an excellent compromise for anyone looking to use small video cameras and still cameras with a single head. Fluid head has very Smooth Tilt axis movement.


Adjustable post of stabilizer gives you the choice to mould the camera the way you like to operate with quick and smooth balance.

Flexible enough to give you desired shot at different heights.


Its something unique about this stabilizer. Complete metal legs gets collapsed into a bunch to fit easily into a backpack and stay widely

open to stand alone as a tripod with a twist of locking system present beneath.

Exclusive of Camera, Cage , Follow Focus , i-Phone & Adapter, Ball Tilt, Fluid Head