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  • I footage Wild Bull
  • I footage Wild Bull

I footage Wild Bull

Product Code: T1 series

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Manufacturing at its best:

Known in the specialist market for its fool proof stability, iFootage Wild Bull T1

and Wild Bull T3 is perfect for the busy professional. The superior anodised

aluminium (T1) alloy and carbon fiber (T3) construction ensures excellent

durability and performance, whilst its sleek design makes it easy to handle

and transport.

Leading the way in user friendly design:

Designed to support a maximum of 40kg and 45kg respectively, the tripod

works with any camera on the market. Fully extended, it reaches a maximum

height of 1.50m. The ergonomic design makes it incredibly easy to handle

and transport, giving you full control.

Beautifully versatile:

With T1 and T3, rough terrain is no longer a problem. You can now enjoy

the best photo shoots in any environment. The patented structure of the

connecting joint keeps the tripod still and locked in place in any position.

It can be used with both a flat base head and bowl-head base.

Ideal for outdoor use:

One of the key features of this powerful tripod is the mid-level spreader

which provides support in narrow spaces or uneven surfaces. If this

component is removed, the legs can be adjusted independently which

allows you can get as close as possible to the ground or use the tripod

on rocky terrain. Shooting in a muddy environment or in shallow water?

Simply use an SS screw to secure the feet pads and spikes and you're

ready to go! Take your outdoor photography further and use the feet

spikes to anchor the tripod directly on ice or slippery surfaces with

perfect stability for that amazing shot.

specifications of Wild bull T1:

Material Aluminium Alloy
Weight: 6.5kg
Max load 40kg
Minimum height 490mm
Maximum height 1500mm
Angle range 29°~55°