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  • BFE Shoulder Rig 400N Stabilizer
  • BFE Shoulder Rig 400N Stabilizer

BFE Shoulder Rig 400N Stabilizer

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-> Powerful suspension lines to support cameras up to 10Kg.

-> Tremendous hands free operation ensures maximum freedom.

-> Precision engineered and manufactured for years of service.

-> Production ready right out of the box.

-> A must have’ equipment where freedom to move is essential.


-> BFE Flowline 400N Steady Camera Support.


-> Perfect partner for all DV/HDV/DSLR film and video cameras.

-> Designed to provide flexible and stable support with a touch of ease.

-> Relieves your shoulders and back from strain.

-> Adjustable Rope Resistance.

-> Flexible Belt System.

-> Comfortable for longer periods of handheld shoots.

-> Gives you the speed and mobility of a handheld camera, while still achieving steady shots.

-> Breathable fabric and ventilated soft padding.

-> Top-Quality Rope.

-> Attaches to Camera by Rubber-Grip Hook.


Weight Complete 3.1 kg (6.8 lb))
Height Mounted : 112cm (44")
Folded 60 cm (23.6'')
Capacity 8 - 10 kg (17.6 - 22 lb)
Suspension line length 107 cm (42'') when fully stretched
Min. waist hip strap length 87 cm (34'')
Max. waist hip strap length 142 cm (56")




-> Black High Impact Protective Packing for Carrying, Transporting and Storing your Valuable Equipment.