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  • Cinematics Slider 1 mtr.
  • Cinematics Slider 1 mtr.
  • Cinematics Slider 1 mtr.
  • Cinematics Slider 1 mtr.

Cinematics Slider 1 mtr.

Product Code: SLIDERS

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Product Description :-

Cimematics camera track slider is designed to give you the ability to create Hollywood-quality production shots without over-extending your budget It supports tripods and can provide you a smooth, show dolly shots-an essential element of cinematic storytelling.


                100CM Long Track. It is easy to install, you can finish installing within minutes.

                 Self-lubricating rails. Tension adjustment/locking knob.

                  It can match with tripods or on a flat surface with included feet.

                  Creates Hollywood-quality production shots.

                  Anodized aluminum construction



            1. It can provide you a smooth glide environment, and with 80cm lone track can satisfy your need.

            2. you can attach it directly to tripod and also stand alone with included feet.  

            3. Anodized aluminum material, which can guarantee a high quality.

Package include:-

                ->    1 x 15KG/100cm

                ->    DSLR Camera Track Dolly 1 pro Portable track doly bag 4x Support (Material: Aluminum alloy)

                ->    2x Splice plate ((Material: Aluminum alloy)

                ->    4x Casters with screws

                ->    4x screws (Stainless steel)

                ->    1x screws wrench (Stainless steel).

                ->    1M Long Track

                ->    Tension Adjustment / Locking Knob

                ->    It Can Match With Tripods Or On A Flat Surface With Included Feet

                ->    Anodized Aluminum Construction