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  • BFE Camsupport Camera Bag
  • BFE Camsupport Camera Bag

BFE Camsupport Camera Bag

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BFE designed Camsupport Camera Support Bag , a portable system

without three legs, to shoot the way you want.Allows you to be creative

in many ways, strap it to any moving object and create a dolly or just place

it on any flat surfaceor tripod for high shots & even lets you pan & tilt 

dramatically.Whether you hold it, mount it, hang it or wedge it,provides

additional support while lending itself to the creative process of each shoot.

~Heavy duty canvas fabric both durable and easy to maintain.

~Offers increased stability, support, and a snug fit for cameras.

~Ideal alternative to a tripod when shooting from tight spots.

~Nullifies vibrations and ensuring perfect smooth shots.

~Simple setup to get in and out of a shot faster.

~Surprisingly light to virtually carry anywhere.


BFECamsupport Camera Support Bag.


->Built in structure, anchor loops, and multiple utility pockets.

U-Channel design and the advanced micro-beads provide a

->malleable, safe, steady and snug fit for any camera.

->Maintains its shape, providing a trusted and efficient camera

support for precise camera angles.

->Ability to add more micro-bead filling as needed.

->Molds itself to difficult places with ease.

->A stable lightweight camera base for any location.

->Supports cameras weighing up to 220lb (100kg)

Exclusive of Camera, Matte Box, laptop, iphone, Card, Skateboard