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  • BFE Camsupport Mounting Kit
  • BFE Camsupport Mounting Kit
  • BFE Camsupport Mounting Kit

BFE Camsupport Mounting Kit

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While researching alternate camera support options for the filmmaking for photographers,

BFE comes out with its new Camsupport Camera Support Mounting Kit that provides your

camera with the needed support, while allowing you to maintain flexibility during your shoot.

It’s a versatile, lightweight & portable solution for cameras ranging from featherweight to

heavy duty.Every so often there's a situation that calls for a specific camera support &

for that BFE Camsupport Camera Support Mounting Kit , a portable system without three

legs, to shoot the way you want. Supports your camera, as a dolly, straps to moving vehicles,

as a gripper and to sit on between takes. If used as directed, it’ll become your favorite

accessory that never weighs you down room. . Comes with a mounting kit that gives you

the option to tie-down the versatile, lightweight portable camera supports to just about any surface.

~Heavy duty canvas fabric both durable and easy to maintain.

~Offers increased stability, support, and a snug fit for cameras.

~Ideal alternative to a tripod when shooting from tight spots.

~Nullifies vibrations and ensuring perfect smooth shots.

~Simple setup to get in and out of a shot faster.

~Surprisingly light to virtually carry anywhere.


 BFE Camsupport Camera Support Mounting Kit.

4 x Rope.

4 x Rope Hooks.

2 x Elastic Wire.


  • Built in structure, anchor loops, and multiple utility pockets.

           U-Channel design and the advanced micro-beads provide a malleable,

  • safe, steady and snug fit for any camera.
  • Maintains its shape, providing a trusted and efficient camera support for precise camera angles.
  • Ability to add more micro-bead filling as needed.
  • Molds itself to difficult places with ease.
  • A stable lightweight camera base for any location.
  • Supports cameras weighing up to 220lb (100kg)