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  • BFE Arm Brace for Nano Glidecam
  • BFE Arm Brace for Nano Glidecam
  • BFE Arm Brace for Nano Glidecam

BFE Arm Brace for Nano Glidecam

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As every operator knows, the end of a long day of continuous shooting can create

arm fatigue, stress and strain. 'Live' productions of concerts, sporting events even

weddings can leave your arm weary, stiff and sore. To combat the physical problems

encountered especially with heavier cameras, The BFE has created a special arm

brace that evens the weight distribution from grip to forearm. The results, operators

are 'good to go' for extended periods of shooting time. Our “BFE Arm Brace support”

makes your camera glide and offers you the influence to create smooth videos shots.

Allows freedom for panning, tilting, booming or running, ground revealing shots without

any camera shake that lets you take complete creative control over the footages you click.

Arm brace support provides you comfort so that filmmaker can capture circular tracking

shots without any instability and brings closer to the action.

~Designed to evenly distribute weight over the entire forearm

~Reduces arm fatigue and strain

~Quality construction.

~Adjustable fit for continuous comfort

~Additional camera support and control.

~Instant 'On-Off' attachment.

~Anti reflective matte black finish.

~Our Quality Assurance Guarantee.


BFE Arm Brace Support.


Adjustable comfort angle for grip handle.

Multiple adjustment handle positions.

Soft surface padded grip handle.

Foam padded wearing comfort.

Secure non-slip mounting with Velcro straps.

Custom fit adjustments.

Quality construction.

Exclusive of Camera & Stabilizer!!