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Ifootage Slider

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Shark Slider S1:

IFootage understands the importance of a product's build so we removed excess mass,

dramatically reducing its weight and size. This design tweak makes our product increasingly

convenient and less cumbersome to photographers who need to pack and deploy the unit

frequently. These so called 'sharks' can be separated from each part in 10 seconds, taking

only three minutes to complete the entire installation. It is easy to carry around and even

easier to clean its components.It also benefits from modular design which means that there

is no need to buy another setup for different scenarios.

High quality components:

The Japan imported silent bearings last about five times longer than standard bearings,

even with constant use over prolonged periods of time. Also imported, the synchronous

belts provide high precision and torque, with excellent performance even in high load

situations. The carbon fibre tubes and the three wheel locking system, make it almost

impossible to be bent out of shape when the manufacturer load limit is respected.

By far more robust than a traditional slider, Shark Slider S1 benefits from increased

resistance and can be used under any weather conditions.

Extendable design:

Shark slider comes in a standard package as well as a bundle. If you purchase the 

extended version or the bundle, your slider can become as long as 1,200mm or

1,800mm (from the original 790mm) with the help of the extension tubes.

Smooth camera movement:

The flywheel provides a damping effect through its centrifugal force, allowing

you to have smooth acceleration/deceleration for the camera movement.

The belt and the synchronising wheel are perfectly connected to avoid any

vibrations caused by the movement. Having a triangle structure means

the slider gets maximum stability.

The bottom plate is equipped with support screws so the structure doesn't

wobble when the slider is mounted on the tripod. If smooth and quiet video

shoots are what you're looking for, then the shark slider offers the perfect solution.

Specification 0f Bundle S1:


Carbon fiber, Anodized aluminium SUS304

Weight 3.8kg (with pulley)
Tube diameter  22mm
Max length 1350mm
Effective length 1200mm
Max load  5kg