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  • Ifootage Cobra Wheels

Ifootage Cobra Wheels

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Never-ending usage possibilities:

Cobra Wheels is the perfect multi-functional assistant for every shooting scenario.

It firmly attaches to just about anything thanks to the unique design of the clip and

can be fastened on objects ranging from 16mm to 32mm in diameter, such as the

branch of a tree, railing, a desktop , and many others.

Top quality build:

Aerospace aluminium alloy and stainless steel are the main materials of Cobra Wheels.

While the SUS stainless steel in the adapters keeps rust at bay, the aluminium alloy in the

Cobra Wheel is corrosion and heat-resistant and lightweight. Our superior imported bearings

guarantee damping vibration and fluent movement, convenient when slide shooting.


Paired with the iFootage Mogopod, the Cobra Wheels becomes a smooth slider in

situations where you need to shoot from ground level.


Base diameter 60mm
Height  33mm
Material Aircraft grade aluminium
Mounting screws UNC 1/4-20
Bottom mounting  UNC 3/8-16
Weight  280g
Max load 40kh