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  • I-Footage Beetle
  • I-Footage Beetle

I-Footage Beetle

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Beetle-X1 of iFootage is a multifunctional shooting assistant.

Its main features are superior material, easy-handling, and multifunction.

The carbon tool steel coating gives it strengthened rigidity and an anti-corrosion

effect.This reliable companion also has a folding structure which means that two

metal parts can play the supporting role as a desktop stand.


More functions than ever before

Small as a sparrow, it's equipped with a wealth of functions:

not only does it connect to a micro-single-camera as a mini-tripod,

but it can also be used as a measure tool, screwdriver, clip, and bottle

opener.Beetle-X1 of iFootage is the all-in-one product for amateur

photographers.Combine the Beetle-X1 with the iFootage Mogopod

and 30S pan for increasedconvenience when shooting on the ground,

and for some added fun, use it as a selfie stick.